2017 Engagement Ring Trends

April 19, 2017

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Choosing an engagement ring is a huge decision! It is something that you will wear for the foreseeable future and it will remind you every day of the commitment you make to one another. Finding something you love now and will love in the next 50+ years is key! While traditional solitaries, will always remain popular, there’s no reason why you can’t look at other styles. Finding an engagement ring that fits your personality, will keep you loving it.

From traditional diamonds to unique gemstones, we got the scoop on the 2017 engagement ring trends from designer, Chelsea Mead, owner of Honey Designs.

Styled Halo

Halo engagement rings continue to be a popular option, but this trend comes with a slight twist for 2017. More often than not, halos are added to the ring design to make the diamond look bigger. 2017 brings you more options, including adding diamonds on all sides of the halo and scrolling designs mixed with diamonds.

Engagement Ring Trends

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

There’s a reason why a Round Brilliant cut diamond is still the most popular classic shape, it offers the most sparkle. Similar sparkle can be achieved with brilliant cut fancy shapes like Pear, Oval and Square Radiant, while costing less and providing eye catching designs.

2017 Engagement Ring Trends

Stackable Options

As girls, we love having options. What we love about this trend is that a stack of mix & match rings provides endless options and gives an engagement ring different looks. The other awesome benefit – the option to wear a mix of diamond bands for alternative occasions when you can’t wear your big rock.

Engagement Ring Trends - Larrison Photography

Larrison Photography

Unique Gemstones

Love sapphires more than diamonds? Who says you have to have a diamond engagement ring, break the mold! A natural gemstone for your engagement ring gives you something uniquely different. Using a natural gemstone can also give you a bigger stone for your budget and lots of striking color options!

Engagement Ring Trends

Photographs by Amy Oliver

Black Diamonds

Much like using colored gemstones, black diamonds can be a great alternative to a traditional engagement ring. While sparkly and shiny is the traditional look for an engagement ring, we love the matte look of black diamonds. Another pro – you can get a bigger stone with a smaller budget.

2017 Engagement Ring Trends Honey Designs

Asymmetrical Designs

The rules are constantly being broken where symmetry is no longer a necessity with engagement ring designs. You can fully embrace a “shadow” style wedding band that is totally different while still fitting alongside the engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Trends - Honey Designs

We are chiming in with one more trend – Custom Designed Engagement Rings! While going to a jewelry store to select an engagement ring is great, there is just something special about an affordable custom option. Engagement rings should reflect your personality and what better way than having something custom made.

Engagement Ring DesignerHoney Designs offers complimentary style appointments where you can figure out your ring size and help design your dream ring! It is a great reason to get one or two of your best pals together and enjoy a night out. Your engagement ring should be as unique as you are and Honey Designs provides custom options within your budget. Book a style appointment today!

Photographs by Amy Oliver

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