5 Meaningful Wedding Gifts for Your Parents

March 6, 2018

5 Meaningful Wedding Presents for Your Parents

It’s customary to give gifts to say thank you to your entire wedding party – ring bearers, flower girls, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers and readers. Since most of them are your close friends or they are younger children, gift ideas seem to be pretty easy. Most people give gifts to be worn or used on wedding day – robes, ties, jewelry or favorite alcohol, but struggle to find something for your biggest supporters, your parents. Finding meaningful wedding gifts for your parents isn’t always as easy as hitting the “add to cart” button on Amazon. Putting into words or represented by physical things, the support and love your parents have given you throughout your life to get you to wedding day is tough, and it takes time and effort to find the perfect sentimental item to say thank you.

We took some time to think about potential gift ideas and put together a list of 5 meaningful wedding gifts for your parents. With all of our suggestions, don’t forget to include a handwritten note. Parents love them the most!

Day-of Accessories

Seeing a bride give her dad a handkerchief or a tie with an embroidered note brings us to tears every time! Same thing can be said about a bride giving her mom a special piece of jewelry to wear on wedding day. Accessories can be so simple, yet so powerful and meaningful.

If you are giving your parents special accessories, make sure your photographer and videographer know about it! Capturing that moment with both of you all dressed up is priceless. You are able to visually cherish it for a lifetime.

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The Handkerchief Shop

Weekend Getaway

You aren’t the only who deserves a getaway after the wedding. Parents put in so much time and effort during the planning process to make your wedding a dream. Planning a surprise weekend getaway to a place they’ve always wanted to visit is a perfect way to say thank you!

A Family Experience

One thing we believe in is that experiences make the best presents instead of a physical gift. What parents love the most is spending time with their children, so why not plan a “thank you” day with them. Find something you know they will enjoy and surprise them. They’ll LOVE it.

Write a Book

It sounds hard and time consuming during wedding planning, but it’s not! This one is as easy as hitting the “add to cart” button on Amazon, but the work comes once you receive it. We found two books, I Love You Mom and I Love You Dad both written by M.H. Clark on Amazon and we’re certain parents will love them. These books give you several prompts to write down answers about your mom or dad. For example, “These words make me think of you…” or “You would be surprised that my favorite memory of you is…” We can’t guarantee any dry eyes on this one!

wedding gifts for your parents - Cincinnati Wedding Planner
wedding gifts for your parents - Cincinnati Wedding Planners


Wedding Photo Book

This is one of those wedding gifts for your parents you know they will love. Moms especially love showing off their children! Create a photo book with your favorite images and give it to them after the wedding. They will appreciate the keepsake and will love having something to flip through at their leisure.

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Artifact Uprising

Finding meaningful wedding gifts for your parents takes time. Just remember that sometimes the simplest thing is exactly what they love the most. We would love to hear how you are saying thank you to your parents!

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