5 Practical Bridesmaid Gifts They’ll LOVE

March 19, 2017

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We all go through the “wedding phase” in life when everyone you know is engaged, soon to be engaged or getting married. It’s an exciting time in life, but it can also become expensive traveling to weddings, buying gifts and attending bachelorette parties. If you are in the wedding, add the costs just mentioned, along with the price for attire, accessories, hair, nails and make-up. So as a bride, what are the best bridesmaid gifts that you can get for your bridal party that they will love, appreciate and will save them money? We put together a list of 5 practical bridesmaid gifts they’ll LOVE!


Yes, we all have jewelry, but if there is a specific style or color the bridesmaids should wear, help them out and give it to them as a gift! They will love that it is something you picked for them, it saves them money on having to buy something new and it will always make them think of your wedding day when they wear it. Here’s a list of places to get affordable jewelry and accessories.

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Lord & Taylor

Something to Stay Warm

So, your wedding is in one of the cooler months of the year, but you fell in love with strapless bridesmaid dresses for everyone to wear. Instead of everyone wearing their own mismatching puffy jackets, provide cute shawls, blanket scarves or fun jackets as one of their bridesmaid gifts. Everyone will love having something to stay warm and the pictures will be much cuter and more enjoyable. An added plus – you’ll get two different looks for pictures!

Bridesmaid Gifts - Cincinnati Wedding

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Gift Card for Hair or Make-up

Besides buying the dress, one of the biggest expenses for bridesmaids is having to pay for hair and make-up on wedding day. Typically, total cost for hair and make-up can range from $100 – $200, cha-ching, cha-ching! Help them out by providing a gift card for hair or make-up as one of their bridesmaid gifts. It may not seem personal or tangible, but it’s incredibly practical and your bridesmaids will be grateful!

Something Fun to Wear

I can’t pass up mentioning getting everyone something fun to wear while getting ready. Everyone loves having matching attire and it makes for the best pictures, but get something that is re-wearable and practical for you and your bridesmaids. Robes are great, matching PJ bottoms and tanks are super cute and so are monogrammed workout shorts or yoga pants, all of which can be versatile post wedding morning.

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Dancing Shoes

For the girls out there who like to break it down (Umm, me!), get your bridesmaids a pair of cute dancing shoes. Old Navy flip flops are the standard wedding go-to, but why not give them an upgraded pair they can wear out on the town! Monogrammed sandals are oh so chic or a pair of embellished ones are perfect. Once again, it’s an opportunity to get another look for pictures!

Bridesmaid Gifts - Cincinnati Wedding Planning

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Hopefully, these will help you select your bridesmaid gifts or at least spark ideas! Please share any awesome ideas you have for bridesmaid gifts or let me know some of the things your bridal party LOVED!

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