5 Practical Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Appreciate

May 9, 2017

Practical Groomsmen Gifts

Finding the perfect gift to say thank you to your bridal party can be a challenge.  You want it to be meaningful and affordable, yet practical and unique. So, what do you get? A while back, we put together a list of practical bridesmaid gifts and thought it was time to brainstorm what to get the groomsmen. Without further ado, here’s our list of 5 practical groomsmen gifts they’ll appreciate.


Let’s be honest, shoes don’t just have to be for the bridesmaids. Whether the groomsmen are into Allen Edmonds, Cole Haan, Sperry or cowboy boots, everyone appreciates some new kicks to wear on the wedding day. The best part about getting them shoes, is that you know they will look good and they can wear them long after the wedding day.

Practical Groomsmen Gifts - Shoes

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Whether you want the groomsmen to wear bow ties or neckties, getting them a piece of their attire saves them money and removes the undesired trip to the mall. It’s a win, win for all.

Practical Groomsmen Gifts -Ties

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Pretty much the same applies here! If you can supply as much of the groomsmen attire that fits in your budget, the easier it is for them and the happier you will be with their outfits. Anything related to their attire, definitely falls into the practical groomsmen gift category.

Practical Groomsmen Gifts - Shirts

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Garment Bag

A garment bag is one of those things most people don’t like to buy for themselves, but would really appreciate if they received it as a gift. If you are doing a destination wedding or if a lot of people have to travel to the wedding, why not send them a nice bag to carry their suit or tux. It also makes for a great photo!

Practical Groomsmen Gifts - Suit Garment Bag

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Group Activity

We all know it takes the groomsmen about 30-minutes to get ready vs. the hours it takes the bridesmaids. Why not schedule an activity with the groomsmen as one of their gifts? It’s a great way to spend the morning together to relax and have fun. Opt for something you all like to do like a quick round of golf or a big brunch. One of our personal favorites – spending the morning at the barber shop getting an old-school shave.

5 Practical Groomsmen Gifts - Barber Shot

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Based on our list, you can tell we are all in favor of getting practical groomsmen gifts that can be worn or used after the big day. It makes the prep for your wedding easy and it will remind the groomsmen of your big day every time they wear it! If you have great ideas for practical groomsmen gifts, we’d love to hear them!

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