5 Simple Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

January 20, 2019

Planning a winter wedding

Winter weddings are absolutely gorgeous, utterly romantic and extra magical, but come with a few additional details to think about during the planning process. If you are thinking about planning a winter wedding but concerned with the weather and logistics, we have you covered. Winter weddings are totally worth the extra preparation! We put together a list of five simple tips for planning a winter wedding.

5 Simple tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Photo Logistics: When putting together your day-of timeline, think about the timing of photos if you want to take any outside, which you should! Don’t overlook the early sunset time and make sure you schedule photos in the afternoon. Our other tip is to consider having a first look with your significant other. We are always in favor of having one, but the winter months are especially important if you want outdoor photos together!

Flower Logistics: This is one of the most overlooked items on our list! If the temperature is below freezing and you are doing outdoor photos before the ceremony, leave the bouquets and boutonnieres inside. Flowers are fragile and do not do well in extreme temperatures. If you take them outside for photos, you run the risk of having them turn brown, wilted and potentially dying. Not pretty for the ceremony photos!

Accessories: When planning a winter wedding, think about warm accessories for you and your bridesmaids. No one wants to freeze or be uncomfortable! Think about getting warm wraps, fur coats or cute jackets for everyone. You may not think about it, but if everyone has long dresses, wear some tights. No one will know! Also think about some cute, but practical shoes.

Guest Transportation: Guests remember the really good or the really bad about a wedding. Don’t start the wedding off on the wrong foot by not thinking through convenient parking or transportation for your guests. If they have to walk several blocks or deal with trying to find parking in freezing weather or snow, they will remember that! Think about having complimentary valet and/or providing shuttles for guests staying at the room block hotels. They will greatly appreciate it!

Venue Logistics: There are several little details to think about here when planning a winter wedding. Make sure the venue has a coat check or at least several coat racks for guests to hang jackets. Everyone will be wearing one! If it snows on wedding day, make sure someone is shoveling and salting the sidewalks and parking lot. Also, think about having both the ceremony and reception at the same venue. Less traveling for you and the guests can avoid potential delays!

Just like every season, there are certain details to think through and planning a winter wedding is no different! All of our tips are simple and can be easily addressed if given enough time and preparation. If you find yourself planning a winter wedding and have questions on logistics, feel free to reach out. We would love to hear from you!

All photos: Photography by Caroline Grace

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