5 Wedding Upgrades That Are Worth the Splurge

April 10, 2018

edding Upgrades that are Worth the Splurge

Let us be the first to admit that there are thousands of ways to completely blow your wedding budget. Every wedding vendor or venue has several “add-on” or upgrade options. It can get completely overwhelming and can quickly blow your budget if you say “yes” to everything. It’s the additional $1.50 per person or only $100 more for something you LOVE, that quickly adds up and can increase your budget by thousands of dollars if you aren’t careful. So, one may ask, “What wedding upgrades are worth it?”

After seeing many weddings, we know what’s worth it and what may go unnoticed. We put together a list of 5 wedding upgrades that are totally worth it, will absolutely get noticed and will add some serious impact to your wedding day!


Worth it, every time! Lighting is the one thing we recommend to everyone if they have room in their budget. Uplighting can completely transform the look and feel of a venue, as well as hide some of the blemishes in a space. To highlight gorgeous centerpieces, the cake table or any other important focal pieces, pin spotting is the perfect option. In a dark room, pin spotting brings all of the details to life. We are also loving the market/bistro lighting that has become ever so popular!

Wedding Upgrades - Mavris Event Center

Photography by Caroline Grace


Holy moly, how draping can transform a space! It’s definitely not a cheap wedding upgrade, but it can completely change a ceremony or reception space. Draping adds so much elegance and drama that it begs for attention. Oh, and the photos… drop dead gorgeous. WORTH IT!

Wedding Upgrades - Alms Park Wedding - Cincinnati, OH

Creatively Captured

The Entryway

If your budget only allows for a small area to be over-the-top, might as well make it the entryway. It is the first thing guests will notice about your wedding and it sets the tone for the evening. You don’t need a ton of décor to really have a WOW factor.

Wedding upgrades - Manor House

Native Iris Photography

Late-Night Snack

We’ve literally seen guests flock to the late-night snack table. After a few hours of enjoying the open bar, guests are ready for some greasy, simple food. The local comfort food is always a hit!

wedding upgrades - Igbys

Native Iris Photography


ALWAYS spend a little more to hire a great band or DJ. If the amazing band you like is out of your budget, consider hiring a phenomenal DJ. The entertainment gets the party started and should keep the dance floor packed throughout the entire night. Guests will absolutely remember if the band or DJ played songs to keep them on the dance floor. Always worth the extra splurge!

The most noticed wedding upgrades are typically food and music related, as well as statement décor. As much as we love small details like upgraded linens, specialty flatware or fabulous table numbers, if your budget is tight, stick with one of the wedding upgrades we mentioned and we’re positive that it will be WORTH IT!

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