5 Tips to Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkling

January 26, 2018

Keeping Your Engagement Ring Sparkling - Cincinnati Wedding Planner

We saw a lot of glistening engagement rings pop-up on our social media feed the past few months. We LOVE engagement season! Now that some time has passed since you said, YES, the fresh from the jewelry store luster may be wearing off your ring. So, how do you keep your engagement ring sparkling? We asked our go-to jewelry designer Chelsea Mead, Owner of Honey Designs Jewelry, how to keep engagement rings looking brand new. Check out some simple tips to keep that ROCK looking it’s best!

Keeping your engagement ring sparkling - Cincinnati Day Of Coordinator

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Tip 1: Regular Cleaning

Place your ring in a jar of jewelry cleaner over night or you can easily scrub your ring with a toothbrush and a tiny bit of Dawn soap.

Tip 2: Stay Away from Harsh Chemicals

When working with harsh chemicals (like bleach), remove your engagement ring or wear gloves. Harsh chemicals will actually break down the gold.

Tip 3: Be Cautious Around Hard Surfaces

When doing household activities, such as cleaning, laundry, dishes or cooking, try to remember to remove your engagement ring. Coming in contact with harder surfaces like stainless steel (washers, dryers, sinks, etc.) can cause damage to your ring.

Tip 4: Keep Away from Hand-On Activities

If you know you are doing an activity that will require unnecessary stress on your engagement ring, try to keep it at home. Going to the gym and lifting weights or gardening are common activities that cause stress on the stone and prongs.

Tip 5: Yearly Maintenance

Sounds just like visiting the doctor or tuning-up your car! Your engagement ring should be inspected once a year by a jeweler. The jeweler will inspect the prongs to make sure they are still strong and can properly support the stone. He or she will also expertly clean the ring, restoring it to the original sparkle.

If you are in need of some wedding bands or have friends that are close to being engaged, check out Honey Designs Jewelry! Chelsea provides an amazing CUSTOM, yes you heard me, custom design experience like no other. During your style appointment, she listens to your vision and creates a custom ring to fit your budget. The coolest part, you can see renderings of what your ring will look like even before it is created. She also provides fun little surprises! Sign up for an engagement ring style appointment and bring your favorite people!

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