5 Ways to Cut the Wedding Guest List

January 4, 2018

Cut the Wedding Guest List - Cincinnati Wedding Planners

Engagement notifications have been popping up all over our social media feed and quite frankly, we LOVE it. Congratulations to all of you who have added some extra bling to your attire over the holiday season! If you find yourself in the category of engaged, but now what… we suggest hopping over to our post outlining the next steps. We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of getting planning started on the right foot. If you’ve already put together an initial wedding guest list but are overwhelmed with the number, then this post is for you! We’ll walk you though the easiest ways to cut the wedding guest list down to a comfortable number.

Your guest list is the launching pad to everything else that goes into wedding planning and determines so many other details. It is also the largest contributing factor to your budget. The more guests you add to your list, the more everything costs. More guests mean more centerpieces, more tables, more chairs, more linens, more food, more beverages – you get the picture, more dollar signs. Here are five tips to cut the wedding guest list.

5 Ways to Cut the Wedding Guest List

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Set Guest List Limits for Family Members

The first thing you should do when planning a wedding is to create a budget, figure out who is contributing and how much they are giving. If the bride and groom are paying for most of the wedding, then they get the largest say in the guest list – allocate 50% to the bride & groom, 25% to the bride’s family and the other 25% to the groom’s family. If one side of the family is paying for the wedding, you may want to allocate them a higher percentage. This is a great initial step to limit family members from adding people to the guest list you’ve never met.

Create Tiers

Once you have the initial list set, assign letters or numbers to each guest’s name. It may seem weird or awkward to rank your friends and family members, but it helps to give you an idea of how many guests fall into each tier. It also gives you a starting point to cut the wedding guest list.

Set Rules

After all the guests are assigned tiers, create, define and stick to specific cutting rules. Setting and defining them is the easy part, sticking to them is not always easy but will be worth it down the road. Here are a couple of rules we recommend to cut the wedding guest list, but you are more than welcome to add your own.

First, remove anyone you haven’t talked to in the past year or two. High school friends, college buddies, long lost cousins all are perfect examples. Second, cut any “pity” invites. So and so invited you to their wedding, so you feel like you need to return the favor. Not true! It is your day – only be surrounded by people you want there.

Adults Only

Kids meals are incredibly expensive at venues, so why not exclude children from the guest list. If you are worried about offending guests, we’ll let you in on a secret – parents LOVE to have a night out without their kids. It is also okay to allow the flower girl and ring bearer to come to the reception since they are part of the bridal party, but keep it to only them.

Leave off the coworkers

Working with someone doesn’t mean you have to invite them. Even if you are close with your coworkers, it’s an easy group to exclude if you are tight on space or budget. It also removes any potential awkward situations if you want to invite some coworkers, but not others.

Creating the guest list is one of the most stressful portions of wedding planning. We hope our list of ways to cut the wedding guest list helped to make the process easier!

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