5 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

May 31, 2018

5 Must Read Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Dress shopping is usually one of the most exciting things about wedding planning. It’s the one thing that makes you truly feel like the wedding is happening. Seeing yourself in the wedding dress of your dreams, all glammed out with the perfect veil and accessories just gives you the “OH MY GOSH, this is real” feeling. Cue all of the happy tears!

But before you head out to shop for your wedding dress, take some time to do research. We put together a list of wedding dress shopping tips to help make your experience as smooth as possible!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Photography by Caroline Grace

Figure Out Your Wedding Dress Budget Ahead of Time

Before going to your first appointment, figure out your budget and who will be paying for the dress. Bridal consultants will ask for your budget before they pull any wedding dresses. They want to be respectful of the amount you want to spend and only want to show you dresses within your budget.

Do Research before Heading to the Stores

Find out the dress price range at each store. If a store only offers dresses above your price range, skip it. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a wedding dress that is above your budget. Also, figure out the wedding dress styles and designers you like. Research the local bridal stores to see the designers they carry. The more research you do, the smoother your wedding dress shopping will be.

Make Sure You Leave Plenty of Time

Most designers have a significant lead time on wedding dress orders – anywhere from six to eight months. While most of them offer rush production, it comes with a cost. Give yourself plenty of time to visit all of the stores on your list and try on as many dresses as you need before you feel comfortable with saying “YES” the ONE! Enjoy the dress shopping experience and don’t feel rushed! Your wedding dress isn’t something to have buyer’s remorse over!

Also, don’t forget about alterations! You will need about eight weeks for alternations to be completed.

Call to Make Appointments

Before heading to the bridal store, be sure to make an appointment especially if you are going on a Saturday. Many places are by appointment only. That may sound stuffy to some, but it allows a bridal consultant to focus his or her attention on you. They want every bride to have an amazing experience in their store! When making appointments, plan on spending an hour at each place.

If there is a specific wedding dress you want to try on, be sure to mention that when you book your appointment. Bridal stores carry specific designers, but they don’t normally have every dress in their entire line. If you mention a dress in advance and they don’t have it in store, they may be able to get it for your appointment.

Keep Your Posse Small

The saying, “less is more” is definitely true for the amount of people you bring on your shopping journey. Only bring a few people who you feel comfortable voicing your opinion in front of and who know your true style.

Bring the Correct Undergarments

Don’t forget to bring the proper undergarments. A nude strapless bra and underwear are the best!

When going wedding dress shopping, do your homework ahead of time but keep an open mind during the process! Bridal consultants know all of the dresses they have in the store and may have the prefect recommendation based on your desired style. Also, BIG warning… wedding dress sizes are normally a little skewed compared to your everyday attire. Don’t freak out when a bridal consultant recommends a size that is higher than what you are used to wearing.

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