5 Wedding Favors Guests Will Love

November 16, 2017

Wedding favors guests will love

Deciding on wedding favors can sometimes be a struggle during the planning process. Most couples want to provide a wedding favor that is unique and different, but you don’t have to think too far out of the box to find the perfect one. Sometimes the simplest thing, like food, goes over the best! We’ve had a ton of experience cleaning up after many events and have noticed what wedding favors guests love and ones that they leave behind. Here’s our compiled list of wedding favors we’re sure guests will LOVE!


Yes, you are probably having an open bar, but guests love the thrill of getting extra alcohol. Maybe it’s your favorite beer or your family’s homemade limoncello, guests will be sure to drink it on the spot or take it home with them. It works perfectly to serve the dual role of a seating assignment and favor. One of my favorites happens to be from a friend’s wedding – each guest got a tequila shot & a monogrammed shot glass that served as the seating assignment. Let’s just say, there weren’t any left behind. Nothing like getting the reception started on the right foot!

Wedding Favors Guests will Love - Alcohol

Wedding Favors Guests will Love - Alcohol

Cory & Jackie Photography


GUESTS LOVE FOOD! Let me repeat, GUESTS LOVE FOOD! Guests feel treated at weddings and definitely splurge when it comes to eating and drinking. Things that always go over well – cookie/dessert bars with take home bags, doughnuts, popcorn, macaroons, s’mores kits and mini take home pizzas (think late night snack).

Wedding favors guests will love - Cookie bar

This cookie bar was EPIC and delicious! | Studio Bash Photography

Beverage Items

Everyone loves to receive a fun item they can use while drinking at weddings. Monogrammed koozies and mugs/glasses are always a wedding favor hit as well as bottle openers to take home. They are also great favors to be used after the wedding.

Wedding favors guests will love - beverage items

Sara Ackermann Photography

Weather Survival Items

Are you having a fall outdoor wedding? Why not provide blankets, scarves or gloves as wedding favors? Guests will love having something warm to wear and can use them the rest of the fall and winter season.

For hot summer weddings, mini hand fans, cute parasols or sunglasses typically go over well.

Wedding favors guests will love - blankets


Anything Local

Are most of your guests coming from out of town? They will love wedding favors with a local flare to take home! Think Skyline Chili, buckeyes or Grippos chips for the Cincinnati crowd or for other cities think about what makes your area famous. Chicago – Garrett’s popcorn, Indianapolis – St. Elmo’s cocktail sauce, Lexington – bourbon. Everyone loves to try the local flavors.

Wedding favors guests will love - Garrett's popcorn

Kim Thiel Photography

Wedding favors don’t have to be extremely unique, out of the box or expensive. Guests love to receive practical items they can consume or use during the wedding. We would love to hear what wedding favors you gave to guests!

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