5 Wedding Vendors to Never Skimp On

December 3, 2019

5 Wedding Vendors to Never Skimp On

Weddings have become increasingly more extravagant, more luxurious and more expensive over the years. While we appreciate the fact that there are endless options for couples, it sometimes becomes challenging deciphering where to spend your budget when you want the best of everything! The phrase, “You get what you pay for” is all too real, so here’s our list of wedding vendors to never skimp on.


Hire a professional caterer and one that is well versed in weddings & events. We cannot say it enough! Catering is one of the wedding vendors to never skimp on by hiring the cheapest out there or relying on non-pro family or friends. Timing and preparation are so crucial for the event to go off without a hitch. At the end of the day, guests remember what they ate and if it was good. Ice cold steak or rubber chicken is not how you want guests to remember your big day.


You work on planning one day for over a year and poof, it’s over. Did you get to see the most perfect signature drink signs or the expression when your significant other opened his or her gift you gave them, most likely not. Hiring a professional photographer who knows what to capture and how to capture it is worth every penny. There’s a reason why good photographers are expensive – they have top of the line equipment and have tons of experience shooting events. Wedding photos last a lifetime and we want you to love them.


The band or DJ is the key element to having a stellar reception. They are the ones who create the vibe! If you want to make sure the dance floor is packed, make sure you spend some time vetting them. Visit their live shows, watch their videos online or see if other wedding vendors recommend them. We’ve seen tons of weddings and there’s a clear difference between good and great. If a great band isn’t in your budget, maybe consider an amazing DJ!


The first three are ones you frequently hear are worth the money, but not many people talk about transportation. If your day requires significant transportation for the bridal party, family and/or guests, this is one of the wedding vendors to never skimp on. The great transportation companies invest in their vehicles, perform routine maintenance and cleaning, and hire top notch drivers. All of those elements go into the price. If you’re traveling to several photo locations or shuttling hundreds of guests, having reliable transportation is a necessity. Read the reviews before booking!


We will be the first to admit that having a wedding planner is a luxury item, we totally get it! Do we fit into everyone’s budget, not always, but a great planner is worth every penny. Planners are there to coordinate with all of the vendors to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. There are so many items happening behind the scenes that the planning team is coordinating. Never skimp on hiring a good planner if you are going to have one. Knock on wood things won’t go awry, but if they do, a planner with experience will know how to handle it without you even knowing.

Photography: Odessa James Photography

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