5 Wedding Welcome Bag Must-Haves!

February 26, 2018

5 Wedding Welcome Bag Must-Haves - Wedding Planners

If you are a follower of the blog, you know that we are ALL about creating the best experience for your wedding guests. We hear all the time from couples that they want to provide a unique experience for their guests. Providing out-of-town guests with a wedding welcome bag is the first impression they will have of the entire weekend, therefore the start of an amazing experience.

Before diving into our list of must-haves, there are a few things we wanted to share when thinking about what to include in the wedding welcome bag.

  • First, if the majority of guests flew in, be mindful of the liquid ounces and the weight of items you include.
  • Second, be sure to ask the hotel their wedding welcome bag policies. Many hotels are accommodating and hand them out for free when guests check-in, but some hotels charge for this service. Keep that in mind when allocating your budget.
  • Third, keep it practical! A wedding welcome bag is meant to provide a personal touch as well as the essentials for your guests.

With the tips out of the way, here’s our list of 5 wedding welcome bag must-haves!

The Container

Depending on your budget, you can go all out on these or keep it simple and more affordable. The container can be something as simple as a gift bag or box or as elaborate as a tote bag. Whatever you choose, we recommend to personalize it in some fashion. Personalized stickers work well on stock gift bags and boxes.

wedding welcome bag - event planners

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The Details

The wedding welcome bag is the perfect place to provide important details for out-of-town guests. Things like shuttle times & pick-up/drop-off locations, detailed directions, addresses, timelines and fun things to do are all great items to include for guests.

If you include any local items in the welcome bag, add a quick note about the history or why they are famous. Guests love to gain knowledge of the local vibe.

5 wedding welcome bag must haves - wedding planners

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The Water

This is the MOST essential item. It sometimes gets overlooked when thinking about unique items to include, but it is inexpensive and guests LOVE having a bottle of water after a night of drinking and dancing.

5 wedding welcome bag must haves - wedding planner

Boxed Water is Better

The Snacks

Go local with these! Guests love to try the local flavors and popular items. We love having a sweet and salty option when it comes to snacks. Popcorn and potato chips always go over well, along with chocolate, cookies and gummy snacks.

For the Cincinnati locals, our wedding welcome bags would include some Bar-B-Q Grippos chips and Donna’s Cookies.

5 wedding welcome bag must haves - day of coordinator
5 wedding welcome bag must haves - Donna's Cookies

The Personal Flair

For the final item, include something that you and your significant other love. If it’s local, even better! Maybe your favorite donut from a local bakery if you don’t have a breakfast scheduled in the morning or BBQ seasoning for guests to take home or your favorite beer if there is time between the ceremony and reception. The possibilities are endless!

5 wedding welcome bag must haves - Cincinnati Event Planner
5 wedding welcome bag must haves - Holtman's Donuts

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Wedding welcome bags are always a “nice-to-have,” but are absolutely optional. If you already have a tight budget, don’t have them, it’s not worth the added stress. If you end up doing welcome bags, have fun with it! Enjoy picking out your favorite things and eating the leftovers.

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