A Cincinnati Guide to Seasonal Wedding Flowers

February 23, 2017

Cincinnati Seasonal Wedding Flowers - Summer

Point blank, weddings are expensive we all know that, but as a planner it’s our job to help you find ways to maximize your budget while maintaining the WOW factor of your event. One of the keys to staying in your budget is selecting seasonal wedding flowers, but most have heard that. We’ve got something even better to increase the quality of the flowers while saving some money. The key, selecting flowers that are in season LOCALLY. By selecting Cincinnati seasonal wedding flowers, you know they will be incredibly fresh, the quality will be outstanding and it will cut down on the cost.

Our super talented friend, Carly Messmer owner of Surcee Florals put together a list of seasonal wedding flowers that are grown in the Cincinnati area. She also shared some awesome tips and ideas to think about when selecting your wedding flowers.



Probably could have guessed it, but not much grows locally in the Cincinnati area during the winter. Luckily, anemones are awesome, so we’ll take it!

Pro tip: Stick to a neutral palette based around ivory, white, blush and silver so your wedding won’t feel too “holiday.” Also, don’t bring your flowers outside if the temperature is below 35 degrees – they’ll freeze!

Cincinnati Seasonal Wedding Flowers - Winter Lauren DiFulvio | Surcee Florals


The Knot

Finally, some of our favorite beauties are coming to life in Cincinnati! With all of these floral options, why pick something that isn’t local.

Pro tip: Spring flowers are gorgeous and the variety is incredible! However, a lot of spring flowers, like hyacinth and lilies, have strong scents. Think about whether you want your flowers to be scented (does anyone have allergies?) or if you’d like to stick with more neutral florals.

Cincinnati Seasonal Wedding Flowers

 Anna K Photo | Surcee Florals

Cincinnati Seasonal Wedding Flowers - Spring

Anna K PhotoSurcee Florals


The Knot

And the list keeps growing! Summer has an abundance of locally available flowers that are all different. The key with summer is being cognizant of the heat and humidity.

Pro tip: Consider the heat! If you’re having an outdoor ceremony or reception in the summer, try and cut out any delicate flower that may wilt in high temperatures. You’ll want to especially consider boutonnieres, where there isn’t a water source and avoid flowers like lisianthus and ranunculus.

Cincinnati Seasonal Wedding Flowers - Summer

Surcee Florals


The Knot

Bring on the gorgeous fall tones, oh and dahlias! Cincinnati has so many breathtaking options available during the fall.

Pro tip: It’s dahlia season in Cincinnati! Dahlias are fantastic flowers that make a big impact. They come in a variety of colors so you’re covered whether you want something that works with a variety of palettes or a bright and bold bloom.

Cincinnati Seasonal Wedding Flowers - Fall

Surcee Florals

Who would have thought that so many amazing flowers go locally in Cincinnati? No matter the time of the year, there are stunning options that will fit in your color palate, floral vision and price range. Keep in mind that this is a general list of in season wedding flowers. Some options listed under a particular season may only be available at the beginning of the season and not at the end.

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