Engagement Photos – Tips from AJ Studio

September 7, 2016


As wedding planners, we often get asked all sorts of questions and typically have answers, but we leave it up to the pros for certain things – like photography.  Recently, we have been asked a lot about tips and tricks for engagement photos.  We turned to a fantastic Cincinnati photographer, AJ Studio, to answer your questions. Angela and Jaime are the masterminds behind AJ Studio and certainly know how to get incredible photos. Without further ado, our interview with the lovely AJ Studio!

44th & Luxe: What locations make for the best engagement photos?

AJ Studio: Any place that makes you happy! Some couples love the urban scene and some love beautiful parks. If there is a place of significant meaning to you (park where he proposed, restaurant where you had first date) that is even better.

engagement photos

44th & Luxe: Are there certain outfit choices (colors, accessories, etc.) that work better in photos than others?

AJ Studio: Complement each other but don’t be matchy-matchy. Solid colored clothing works great. If you want to bring in a pattern, have only one person wear it. Try using a pop of color to tie both outfits together! The camera can exaggerate the looseness in clothes and can make you appear more round that you really are, so avoid baggy shirts. Be comfortable! If you’re not comfortable it will show in the photos. Try on the clothes a few days before the shoot to make sure everything fits correctly – no panty lines, bra straps or wrinkles.

engagement photos

44th & Luxe: What are some small details that couples tend to forget for their engagement session?

AJ Studio: Think about having your hair and makeup done professionally. Makeup looks different in photos and a makeup artist will know how much to apply to make you look your best. It’s also a great trial run for the wedding day.

engagement photos

44th & Luxe: What tips do you have for couples to make the most of their engagement session?

AJ Studio: Make plans for dinner or something special after the session. You’re all dressed up and you should go out and celebrate!

engagement photos

44th & Luxe: Anything to avoid for the engagement session?

AJ Studio: Avoid scheduling in the middle of the day. We like to schedule 1-2 hours before sunset when the sun gives us the perfect light and makes you look your best.

Engagement photos

Our final tip – make sure you ask your photographer how much time they need for the engagement session. You will want to give them plenty of time to capture your incredible photos.

Images in this post were provided by AJ Studio

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