A Guide to Cake Tastings and Consultations

March 3, 2017

A Guide to Cake Tastings - Cincinnati

Recently, I feel a bit like Andie Anderson from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days writing so many “how to guides,” but HECK, there’s so much great information to share with brides! Cake tastings are one of the most anticipated to-do items during the wedding planning process, but there are few more things to think about than just if you like the flavor and filling. Mary Beth Lohmueller, owner of A Cake for You, shared some tips on preparing for cake tastings and what you should expect during a consultation.

Preparing for Cake Tastings

The general rule of thumb is to order your wedding cake 6 – 9 months before your wedding date.  If your wedding cake is one of the top “must haves” then by all means order it earlier.  There are a few things you will want to make sure you have completed before scheduling cake tastings:

  • Book your reception site
  • Select and order your wedding dress
  • Determine the esthetic for your reception
  • Choose the color palette for your wedding
  • Have an estimated guest count

All of these things are important details taken into consideration for the design of your wedding cake.

A Guide to Cake Tasting - Cincinnati

A Cake for You | Lauren Stewart Photography

Cake Tasting Consultations

The day has arrived, it’s CAKE TIME! Plan on going hungry to all of the cake tastings you have scheduled. Each appointment will be filled with tasting different flavors of cake and different types of fillings.

During the consultation, expect personalized service.  The baker/decorator will sit down and discuss your ideas and vision for your cake.  Bring pictures or have your Pinterest board handy to show the baker designs you love! If you have swatches of your wedding colors, bring those as well. Based on your vision, the baker will go over options and pricing for the cake design.

Each bakery you visit will have a base price per person. The final cost per person will depend on the design, filling option and icing selection. At the end of the consultation, you will get a total cost (or at least a good estimate) for all expenses related to your wedding cake, including the set up and delivery fees.

Be sure to ask questions during the consultation and make sure you receive contact information in case you think of something after your appointment.

A Guide to Cake Tasting - A Cake for You

Determining the Right Baker for You

You thoroughly enjoyed cake tastings and would love to do more, but it’s time to make a selection. How do you choose the right bakery?

  • Be sure you like the way cake and filling tastes
  • The baker should have the skills needed to create the cake design you want
  • Your wedding cake should be a cost you can afford
  • The bakery’s delivery and set up options should meet your needs

A Guide to Cake Tasting - A Cake for You

A Cake for You

Alright, it’s time to go enjoy all the cake tastings you can handle! For more information and to see more of the amazing cakes by A Cake for You, visit their website or Instagram.

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