Incorporating Pets into Your Wedding

June 14, 2016

For all of the pet lovers out there trying to incorporate your beloved animals into your wedding, this post is for you! Most of us (yes, myself included) hold our pets very near and dear to our hearts. They are our companions, our door greeters, our favorite snugglers and the ones who can put a smile on our face on the worst of days. They do so much for us, so of course we want them to be a part of one of the biggest days of our lives.

Fun Ways to Incorporate Pets into your Wedding

1. Ring Detail Photos

2. Usher

dog usher

3. Bride’s Entrance


4. Ceremony Exit


And for those furry friends who do better in smaller groups or would prefer not to star in the wedding, here are a few ideas to still incorporate them in the big day.

1. First Look

Incorporating your pet

The Married Photogs

2. Getting Ready with the Bride/Groom

Dog getting ready with

3. Bride & Groom Gifts to Each Other


4. Guest Book


5. Invitations/Wedding Day Paperie


6. Starring in the Photo Booth/Selfie Station Props

photo booth pet

As much as you want your pet to be a part of the big day, just keep in mind it takes a little extra planning. First and foremost, think about what is best for your pet. Some pets love the limelight and will ham it up for the guests, while others get overwhelmed easily. Incorporate them in a way they will enjoy.  Secondly, make sure you check the venue’s pet policy if you plan to incorporate them into the ceremony or reception. Finally, have a designated and trusted pet handler for the day. You will be so busy having fun, taking photos and talking to guests that you will not want to worry about your pet.

From one pet lover to another,

– xoxo –

Heidi + the puppies (Chloe & Pearl)

Chloe + Pearl


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