The Luxe List: Maternity Edition

January 28, 2019

The Luxe List - Maternity Edition

I have kept it on the DL, but I’m excited to share that my husband and I are expecting our first baby in March! Timing wise, it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. Fall weddings kept me super busy and made the time fly by, the holiday season happened and now it’s almost February. T-minus six{ish} more weeks until Kid Kolby arrives!

As I was brainstorming this month’s Luxe List topic, I realized the things I’m truly loving these days are baby or event related. Staying true to the point of the Luxe List – sharing what I’m currently loving – maternity edition it is!

First and foremost, it is key to do things for yourself or get products that make you feel great. Your body is rapidly changing, things feel weird and you slowly start to feel uncomfortable. Oh, and not to mention your caffeine intake is limited and your favorite adult beverages disappear. {Side note, my cravings only include Malbec, more Malbec and a dirty martini from Harth Lounge.} With all of the changes going on, find things that make you feel great! I’m excited to share a few things that have been amazing for me throughout the past 34 weeks.

GapFit Maternity

Number one lifesaver! I absolutely love all of the GapFit athleisure attire I have and live in it as much as possible. The fabric is so soft and feels amazing on stretching, itchy skin. Also, my favorite part is that everything is stylish and not “mom” or “maternity” like.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

With all of the hormonal influxes, your skin can change. I used to have normal-to-oily skin, now it’s much drier. I also noticed that my skin started to look dull and rutty – not the best look! I tried the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub and it’s amazing. It is kelp based, so green and gritty – don’t let that weird you out, because it leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft.

Earth Mama Belly Butter

I pretty much LOVE everything about this lotion. It smells amazing, feels great and does the trick. I was sold when I decided to leave it at home when my husband and I babymooned in Arizona. I thought I would be able to just use some normal lotion that came in a small travel bottle, but I was wrong! We were gone for six days and my skin was itchy the entire time and stretch marks started to appear. I came home and used it several times a day and the stretch marks slowly disappeared. Everyone should try it!

Paige Maternity Jeans

I am a big proponent of splurging on things you use all the time. It’s always worth the extra money for something that has a higher quality. Early on in pregnancy, I decided I was going to buy myself an expensive pair of jeans since I wear them so frequently. I am so glad I did – WORTH EVERY DOLLAR! Also, I love under belly waistlines way more that full panel.

Nordstrom Rack {online}

As some of you know, I love luxe things, but I always want to get a good deal them. Hence my love for TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, neither have an in-store maternity section – they totally should! While searching for the perfect pair of jeans, I stumbled upon the large selection of maternity items Nordstrom Rack has online. They have the best selection of staple items – jeans, basic tees, leggings and dresses – and everything can be returned at your local Nordstrom Rack.

All the moms or soon to be moms out there, I would love to hear what maternity products you love!


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