The Luxe List: Summer Sippin’ Edition

June 7, 2018

ROSE ALL DAY season is here! This past weekend I had a rare weekend off and boy, did I take advantage of it. The weather was amazing, so my husband and I be-bopped around downtown Cincinnati. There was a new brewery opening in Pendleton, so we had to check it out! While sipping on some 3 Points beer, the latest edition of The Luxe List was born. I’m really excited to share with you all some of my favorite summer sippin’ locations in Cincinnati!

3 Points Brewery

If you are in the mood for beer, this new brewery in Pendleton is legit! The beer is great and the atmosphere is even better. I took a seat at the bar and felt like I was transported to a brewery in LA. There’s some awesome funky colored lights in the main area, tons of large plans and trees, and the artwork is fresh and whimsical. Being one for details, I appreciate that they went above and beyond to make the space amazing!

Luxe List - 3 Points Brewery

The Luxe List - 3 Points Brewery

Photos: Hailey Bollinger

Hotel Covington

The courtyard and bar area has been a longtime favorite of mine – it’s pretty LUXE! As a native Chicagoan, Hotel Covington brings a little bit of home to the Cincinnati area. I absolutely love the urban chic vibe of the hotel and the outdoor games you can play in the courtyard. All around, it’s such a great lounge area. They also have some great happy hour specials during the week!

The Luxe List - Hotel Covington

Top of the Park Rooftop Bar

Holy, views!! I made a stop at The Residence Inn’s rooftop bar this weekend, hoping to sneak a free peek into Bunbury and it did not disappoint. The views of the city are amazing. If you have guests in town, this is a perfect place to bring them. They have light bites available and plenty of great summer cocktails.

The Luxe List - Top of the Park

Cincinnati USA

Harth Lounge

Okay all, this place has a special spot in my heart. If you like live music, especially jazz, then this place is for you! My husband and I usually pop in on Friday nights for a couple of drinks and live music to wind down the week. All of the musicians have been wonderful! It’s owned by Bromwell’s, so the décor and furniture are top-notch!

The Luxe List - Harth Lounge

Tokyo Kitty

My guilty pleasure! If you are looking for something fun and different to do with a group of friends, book a karaoke room at Tokyo Kitty. They have several rooms that can accommodate different group sizes and each room has a different theme. It’s an absolute blast! Oh, did I mention that your drinks get delivered on a little robot that drops down from the ceiling? Yeah, it’s pretty cool! If you are planning on going on the weekend, be sure to book far in advance. They typically are booked a month in advance.

The Luxe List - Tokyo Kitty

There are so many amazing bar, lounge and brewery options available in Cincinnati, but these five are the ones that made it on The Luxe List! A few of my other favorites are Pearl’s, Mecca, Skeleton Root, Woodburn Brewery and Streetside Brewery. For the dog lovers, Skeleton Root and Woodburn are dog-friendly inside & outside and Pearl’s & Streetside are dog-friendly outside on the patio. Fun fact, our pug was named after Pearl’s! If you stop at one of these spots, there’s a good chance you will see me there. Happy summer sippin’!

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