The Luxe List: Workout Edition

May 10, 2018

The Luxe List: Workout Edition

Hey all you 44th & Luxe followers, I’m excited to announce that I am starting a new monthly blog series called, The Luxe List. I wanted channel my inner Oprah and share my five favorite things each month. Not every month will be wedding or event related, but that’s the goal. I wanted to share personal things that I use in my everyday life and highly recommend. Each month will be focused on something specific, like accessories, wine or whatever is bringing me inspiration and joy! Hopefully you all will enjoy reading The Luxe List posts and that you will find the items valuable to your own life.

Since the weather is finally summer like, guess that means swimsuit season is here! This month I’m chatting about all things workout related that I’m loving!

The Luxe List_ Workout Edition


I am obsessed with ClassPass. If you enjoy boutique fitness classes, but love doing different types of workouts, then this is for you. ClassPass has several different package levels, ranging from $20-$70 per month (for the Cincinnati area). The $20 membership gives you 18 credits, roughly 2-4 classes per month, the $35 membership gives you 30 credits, roughly 4-6 classes and the $70 membership gives you 60 credits, roughly 8-12 classes. The activities range from cycling, TRX, yoga, barre, Pilates, CrossFit to dance classes and open gym time.

This is 100% not sponsored, but if you’re interested in ClassPass I included a promo code for $30 off your first month. Everyone receives a code when you sign up, so share it with your friends!

The Barre Code

From using ClassPass, I found that The Barre Code Cincinnati is my favorite studio to visit. The workout is definitely challenging. I told my husband after my first class that it was the hardest low impact workout I’ve ever done. The instructors are absolutely amazing and so welcoming every time. I highly recommend it.


I need to let the cat out of the bag – I love to work out in the convenience of my house. When I’m short on time, but need to get in a quick workout, I turn on POPSUGAR Fitness. There are hundreds of workout videos on their app or YouTube channel that are all FREE. Yes, FREE! They have tons of quick ten to twenty-minute workouts that I love. If you are looking to work on legs, abs, arms or full body, they have several options to target specific areas.

Pheel Workout Wear

The most amazing workout leggings! I had the opportunity to meet the ladies behind Pheel at a client event last year and have been hooked ever since. All of the styles are so LUXE and they all Pheel like butter (yes, pun intended)!


Okay, not fully related to working out, but I wear my Allbirds loungers to classes all the time. The loungers are the perfect pair of shoes to slide on and off when heading to a yoga or barre class. They are incredibly comfortable, machine washable and light weight.

Happy workouts you all! Stay tuned for The Luxe List next month.

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