Meet Colleen!

July 8, 2020

Phoenix Events Planner

I honestly cannot be more excited to have Colleen join the 44th & Luxe team and to introduce her to you all. She is one of my dear friends who is incredibly talented with everything related to events. If you need a creative solution to décor, design or anything logistical, she is your gal. I kid you not, she created an amazing headboard out of brown paper bags. I wish I had a photo of it to share!

Phoenix Wedding Planner

Colleen started her career planning corporate events all around the world. She loved seeing the world, but knew she wanted to pursue something where she could channel her creativity (aka, more paper bag headboards!). Colleen has assisted with 44th & Luxe weddings for years and when the opportunity came up, I knew I had to get her fully on board.

Colleen and I wanted to have a little fun with this post and decided playing “This or That” had to happen.

Phoenix Wedding Planner

Dog vs Cat: Fun fact, Colleen has both… now we all know which one she prefers! ?

Sweet vs. Salty: Always a hot topic, but Colleen loves Cheez-Its.

Colors vs. Neutrals: Let’s just say she doesn’t need a new black wardrobe for wedding days!

Mountains vs. Beach: Hot coco and lodge retreats all day!

Peonies vs. Dahlias: Tough choice… but peonies ultimately wins.

Phoebe vs. Joey: Duh!

Hot Coffee vs. Iced Coffee: When you have a baby, all coffee becomes cold.

Road Trips vs. Plane Rides: Let’s just get there, is her vibe!

Chip vs. Joanna: How can you not love Jojo?? Can both be the answer?

Red vs. White Wine: The palate has refined over the years. ?

Please help me welcome Colleen to the team! She is incredibly talented and I cannot wait for her to start working with you all! You can also check out her full bio on our story page.

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