The Scoop on 44th & Luxe Events

March 15, 2016

With the launch of the new 44th & Luxe Events website, I wanted to share a few facts about us! Some are more serious, some are light-hearted and some are just random. Enjoy!

12. Go DAWGS! – We fully realize we are surrounded by Xavier, UC and Dayton fans, but we LOVE the Butler Bulldogs.

11. We are new to Cincinnati – But we have been planning weddings and corporate events for over 5 years in the Indianapolis area.

10. Luxe, Chic & Timeless – The three best words to describe our style.

9. We love a good deal – We love luxe things at a good price, just call us a #maxxinista.

8. Flowers. Flowers. Flowers. – Wish we could have them everywhere.

7. Tablescapes – Our guilty pleasure. We love helping our clients design them.

6. We love to travel – Name a place and we are there! Iceland, Barbados and London are a few of our faves.

5. Monograms – Might be one of our favorite things.

4. Fixer Upper – Hands down, our favorite show. Chip and JoJo are just the cutest.

3. Relationships with clients – From start to finish we love getting to know our clients and helping them plan their big day.

2. We have two office mascots – Chloe the puggle is 5 and Pearl the pug is 4 months old. They are both pretty great!

Scoop on 44th & Luxe Events

Pearl + Chloe

1. Wedding day – We love wedding day for our clients. We know how much planning and work went into making the day perfect and seeing the happy couple and their families smiling, laughing and enjoying the night is the most rewarding feeling.

While most of these things are not important to know, we enjoyed sharing the fun, less well known things about us. We hope it gives you a better insight of 44th & Luxe Events!

– xoxo –

44th & Luxe Events

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