Wedding Morning Tips You Won’t Want to Forget

May 31, 2017

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Let’s be honest, the morning of your wedding should be filled with getting your hair and makeup done, drinking mimosas and enjoying the day with your best friends. But, there are a few more things to do that will make the day more enjoyable. We put together a short list of wedding morning tips that are easy and will make the day even better.

Wedding Morning Tips - Cincinnati Wedding Planners

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Wedding Morning Tips 

Lay out wedding items

Upon arriving to the getting ready location, take a second to lay out everything you need for the wedding. If you do this the night before or early enough on wedding morning, it will buy you some time in case you forgot anything. It’s a tip that has saved several people from some last minute stress!

Hang up dresses and remove them from the bags

This goes along with number one. As soon as you arrive to the getting ready location, make sure to hang up all dresses and take them out of the bags. You will want to give the dresses ample time to release any of the remaining small wrinkles.

Have hair and makeup come to you

If you can avoid going somewhere for hair & makeup, please do. It just adds extra unnecessary stress in the morning and doesn’t allow you and your bridesmaids to truly relax while getting pampered.

Don’t short on hair and makeup time

Realistically, mothers and bridesmaids will need about 45-minutes for hair and 45-minutes for makeup. The bride will need about 45-60 minutes for each. One way to make for a stressful morning is to underestimate the hair and makeup time. Make sure you have enough stylists or start early enough to get everyone done on time!

Pump up the jams

Set the mood for the day and get the Spotify playlist going.

Eat breakfast and lunch

I repeat, eat breakfast and lunch!! The entire day is so long for the bridal party and family that it is extremely important to get some nutrition throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be anything heavy – fruit and yogurt for breakfast and light sandwiches for lunch is perfect.

Charge your cellphone

Throughout the day, friends and family will be texting or calling you and most likely there will be some important wedding information on your phone. Make sure it’s charged.

Spend time with your parents

This is as big of a day for them as it is for you. Have your mom join the party while everyone gets ready and have a special moment with your dad, maybe a first look?

Do a quick clean of the getting ready area before the photographers arrive

Of all the wedding morning tips, this one may seem silly, but you will thank me! Designate a few bridesmaids to do a quick trash clean up before the photographers arrive. No one wants to see that paper plate with soggy lettuce from your Panera sandwich in the background of your photos.

Make sure bridesmaid logistics are covered

It will take a little extra planning before the wedding morning, but make sure bridesmaids have time or a way to get their clothes and gifts to where they are staying that night. If you are getting ready at a hotel, make sure they have some time to take their clothes back to their own rooms. If you are getting ready at your house, designate someone to pick up their stuff and take it to the reception. It’s a little thing that can greatly help with the flow of the morning.

The wedding morning is supposed to be a time to celebrate with your best friends and closest family, but can also create unnecessary stress if not planned accordingly. Our list of wedding morning tips are simple suggestions to make your day even more enjoyable.

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